Saturday, February 17, 2018

SPOTLIGHT w/GIVEAWAY - Dead Girls Don’t Sing (The Undead Space Initiative, #2) by Casey Wyatt

Dead Girls Don’t Sing
The Undead Space Initiative, #2
by Casey Wyatt
Date of Publication: December 18th 2017
Publisher: Casey Wyatt
Cover Artist: Kim Killion Designs
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Time Travel
Tagline: Time will have its way
When former vampire stripper Cherry Cordial settled on Mars with her undead family, she thought she’d left her chaotic past behind her. After finding her mate and becoming the first vampire to give birth, she’s hoping to lead a drama-free life.

Naturally, the universe has a different plan. When mysterious undead space travelers arrive, an ancient Martian plague is released, infecting the undead. To find the cure she must return to Earth. All she needs to do is travel into the past, confront her own tangled history, and not break the space-time continuum. But if Cherry’s learned anything, it’s that her life is never that easy.

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