Friday, February 1, 2019

SPOTLIGHT w/EXCERPT - URBAN FANTASY - Strange Omens (Legends Walk, #2) by Jim Stein

Strange Omens
Legends Walk, #2
by Jim Stein
Date of Publication: January 11th 2019
Cover Artist: Kris Norris
Publisher: Jagged Sky Books
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Tagline: Who wins when gods interfere?

Recent months in New Philadelphia have been pleasantly monster-free, allowing Edan Johnson to focus on launching the band’s new album. Music brought hope, something the world’s dwindling population desperately needed. But when a mysterious promotion company sends the A-Chords on tour and the audience splits into opposing factions, it’s clear that gods and dark forces are once again meddling.

Ed’s command of music and magic grows strong, but an arrogant goddess decrees he must not interfere. Even his own sister scolds him for casting spells. But Ed connects with the band’s free-spirited groupies and vows to keep them safe from the more sinister patrons flocking to “The Company’s” backstage events.

More hangs in the balance than the simple corruption of a few fans. These happy, bright people could be the salvation of the human race, yet are being drawn in like sheep. Someone or something stalks the tour, and evil lurks in the heart of Old Milwaukee.
Magic, monsters, and kindred spirits keep Ed and his friends scrambling to discover what’s going on behind the scenes, but an improbable friendship just might be the key to their survival.

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