Sunday, April 30, 2017

SPOTLIGHT w/INTERVIEW - The Ghosts of My Lai by JC Braswell

The Ghosts of My Lai
by JC Braswell
Date of Publication: April 20th 2017
Publisher: Magothy Publishing
Cover Artist: Marcy Arnold
Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Lieutenant Chris Williams and his platoon flee My Lai—the site of an unfathomable massacre during the Vietnam War—only to have their helicopter shot down over unchartered jungle. Disoriented and separated from the outside world, Williams faces the unenviable task of navigating the waylaid band of survivors to safety. But Vietnam has other plans…

Fear begins to trump logic. Specters of the assault call for them during the jungle nights. The escape mission descends in to mutiny as they discover an unknown threat unlike the Viet Cong hunts them from within the primitive environment.

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