Thursday, December 15, 2022


 2022 Audiobook Challenge

Challenge Details
Runs January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023. You can join at any time.
The goal is to find a new love for audios or to outdo yourself by listening to more audios in 2023 than you did in 2022.
Books must be in audio format (CD, MP3, etc.)
ANY genres count.
Re-reads and crossovers from other reading challenges are allowed.
You do not have to be a book blogger to participate; you can track your progress on Goodreads, Facebook, etc. I recommend creating a shelf on Goodreads titled 2023 Audiobook Challenge. You can keep track and link the shelf.
If you’re a blogger grab the button and do a quick post about the challenge to help spread the word. If you’re not a blogger you can help by posting on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Tweet about the challenge.
Updates plus a giveaway will be posted twice during the year. The first update will be July 2, 2023, and the last update will take place on December 30, 2023. You’ll have one week to link up and share your progress

Achievement Levels
What level will you choose?
Newbie (I’ll give it a try) 1-5
Weekend Warrior (I’m getting the hang of this) 5-10
Stenographer (can listen while multitasking) 10-15
Socially Awkward (Don’t talk to me) 15-20
Binge Listener (Why read when someone can do it for you) 20-30
My Precious (I had my earbuds surgically implanted) 30+
Marathoner (Look Ma No Hands) 50+
Over-Achiever (Power Listener) 75+
The 100 Club (Audiobook Addict) 100+

Friday, October 7, 2022

2022 Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon Challenge

Read-A-Thon Rules & Guidelines
Link-up! It is unnecessary to link to goal post but of course we love them. You can link to the social media platform you will use to track your reading. This can be your blog, a Goodreads Shelf you create. Be sure to label the shelf HoHoHoRAT2022 or any other account. (I must be able to see it. So friend me there)

Declare your intentions on your blog or through social media. Be sure and link back to this #HoHoHo Readathon Sign-up page. Linky will close November 24th, so be sure to link up, even if you will only take part for a few days.

Grab the image and share! Tell your friends, post the image and link on social media using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram. Be sure to include a link to this page, so others may join.

Take part in at least one challenge and complete one book to be eligible for grand prize.

Read or listen to as many Holiday or Winter themed books as you can from any genre. If you are unsure, contact me. Goodreads is an excellent source for finding Winter & Holiday reads. Ask your librarian.

Tweet your progress using #HoHoHoRAT2022

Challenge schedule and Grand Prize widget will post on Friday November 18th at/by 8 am (EST)
Read-a-thon starts on Friday, November 18th 12:01 am (your time zone) and ends on Monday, November 30th at 11:59 pm (your time zone)

Challenges will be open from 8 am (EST) on the 18th and stay open until Nov 30th at 11:59 pm (EST)

Grand Prize Raffle will be open until December 1st at 11:59 pm (EST) to allow you to submit last minute entries. You will only be able to submit two books in a twenty-four-hour period.

All winners of challenges and the grand prize will be notified by December 3, 2020.

Thursday, September 22, 2022


Official Rules
This event will be low key. I will offer a fun random participant prize. Everyone who completes challenges and takes part in the readathon by finishing at least one book will be eligible.

Link-up (You can link up using your blog, Goodreads bookshelf labeled Fraterfest2022 or link a social media account) A start up post is not required.

Spread the Word. Share the post and invite your friends to join. Grab graphic and or share button for your blog or post to your social media sites. The more participants, the better. Grab a book-buddy!

Read or listen to qualifying books from Midnight October 14th until 11:59 pm October 24th. (Your Time Zone)

Approved Reads/listens: Thrillers, Urban, Paranormal, Cozy, Suspense, Mystery, Historical, Zombies, Horror, Dystopian, Ghosts, Serial Killers, Fantasy, Urban, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic and Supernatural. I don’t care if there is romance. You pick your fear level. Sparkle, bloody… all approved. Novellas and graphic novels count too!

You can combine this with other readathons and challenges.

Use #FraterfestRAT2022 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to share progress and when spreading the word.

Have fun, read, and make new friend

My goal will be to get through all of the Brenda Trim's audiobooks that I have and a few additional cozy mysteries sitting in my TBR...
  • Midlife Witchery 9 books of the series
  • Mystical Midlife in Maine 6 books of the series
  • Hollow Rock Shifters Series 8 books of the series
  • Twisted Sisters Midlife Maelstrom 2 books of the series
  • Dark Warrior Alliance 12 books of the series

Friday, July 1, 2022



I Am Ayah
by Donna Hill
Publication date: August 30th 2022
Published by: Sideways Books
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


History and the present collide in this fascinating and poignant new novel from Essence bestselling author Donna Hill.

Full description TBA

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Tuesday, March 15, 2022


Filthy Elites
Sam Mariano, Angel Lawson, Michelle Hercules, Shantel Tessier, Lucy Smoke, May Sage, Eva Chance, Lexi Archer and Gemma Weir
Publication date: April 28th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Filthy Elites is a collection of scorching hot, full-length, standalone enemies to lovers romance by Sam Mariano, Angel Lawson, Michelle Hercules, Shantel Tessier, Lucy Smoke, May Sage, Eva Chance, Lexi Archer and Gemma Weir.
In these standalone novels, you’ll reconnect with your favorite protagonists from related series and discover more wonderfully imperfect, messed-up, kick-ass new adult characters.
From stepbrothers to mafia lords and rich elites who take everything for granted, they have one thing in common: their love interests hate their guts. But they’re kings and queens, and they’ll fight tooth and nails for what’s theirs.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

TOUR Audio - YA FICTION - LIFE HAPPENS ON THE STAIRS by Amy J. Markstahler Narrator Katie Marchant

by Amy J. Markstahler
Narrator: Katie Marchant
Length: 11 hours and 40 minutes
Released: January 21st 2022
Publisher: Amy J. Markstahler
Genre: Fiction; Young Adult

Elsie Richardson’s world crumbles when her dad drops from a seizure at the Fourth of July festival. The reality that his brain tumor is back with a vengeance slams the 17-year-old aspiring artist and her family into intense hardship. When her mom needs help to make ends meet, it forces Elsie into adulting overnight. On top of that, Elsie’s caustic, grudge-holding brother is on his way home, and she fears he will only make matters worse. Feeling alone and hopeless, Elsie does as she’s told and goes to work with her mom. 

That’s when she meets Tyler again. He's the grandson of her mom's wealthiest client, and he hasn't stopped thinking about her since he first saw her at the festival, where her dad was rushed to the hospital. After he invites her to go jogging at the historical Shiloh National Military Park, Elsie is warned by her mom to stay away from the wealthy young man. Elsie gets the notice a bit too late, and so she lies about who she’s meeting each morning. Over the next few weeks, Tyler becomes her secret solace amid the uncertainty she’s facing. But when reality strikes and her private world crashes, she's forced to find her inner strength.


Monday, February 7, 2022

TOUR - YA PNR - ANGELFIRE (Angelbound Lincoln, #5) by Christina Bauer

Angelbound Lincoln, #5
by Christina Bauer
Publication date: February 8th 2022
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

“Angels, demons and romance… YES!” – C.S., Amazon

“So addicting! Highly recommend!” – Diary Of A Wannabe Writer
“I. LOVE. LINCOLN.” – Antonella’s Book World



Someone is making life hell for our favorite royal couple, Lincoln and Myla. Natural disasters have the after-realms falling apart. Humans are going to war left and right. And the hottest couple ever can’t find two minutes alone. Sheesh.

The problem? Lincoln’s evil brother.

Yes, you read that right. Brother.

Turns out, Lincoln’s father was a busy guy in his youth… and now Connor’s secret son, Truman, wants his share of the throne. Even worse, Truman is as awful as Lincoln is noble. When it comes to claiming royal power, nothing stands in Truman’s way. Sure, Lincoln is tied by angelic blood to his half brother. But will that connection link them together… or ultimately tear the after-realms apart?

Angelbound Lincoln Series
Stories from the perspective of Mister the Prince
1. Duty Bound
2. Lincoln
3. Trickster
4. Baculum
5. Angelfire

Perfect for teen and young adult readers who want their book series to deliver: badass world building, angels, demons, paranormal romance, fresh themes from contemporary fiction, LOL romantic comedy, gods and goddesses, dark fantasy, strong girls and women as heroines, themes about loners and outcasts, the best laughs in humorous literature, general coming of age whackery, and (most importantly) truly unusual epic fantasy.


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Friday, January 28, 2022



The Art of the Brick: A Life in LEGO by Nathan Sawaya 

The Lego Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination 

The LEGO Book

Beautiful LEGO by Mike Doyle

365 Things to Do with LEGO® Bricks

LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History 
by DK

Saturday, December 18, 2021

RELEASE BLITZ - CONTEMPORARY - MY BOSS'S SON (Cupidess Mismatch, #2) by Amaka Azie


My Boss's Son
by Amaka Azie
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Adanna Ezenna needs this promotion. What’s more, she deserves it. But after a workday from hell, her chances look grim. So, when some joker, posing as the lead actor in a hit British television series, slides into her Cupidess dating app DMs, her response pulls no punches. Her career, not romance, is on the agenda right now. Besides, no way could the lying fraud be the man for her, right?


Justin Igwe is in Lagos searching for his biological father. A bitter breakup has left him sour on love, but a savvy guide around town could aid his mission. So, he puts his profile on the hip, new dating app Cupidess. And bingo, there she is— totally not his type and knows the city like the back of her hand.


Now, if he can only convince her he’s not a con. Easy enough. The hard part? Keeping his unexpected attraction to her in check.