Saturday, May 6, 2017

SPOTLIGHT w/INTERVIEW - The Diner (The Oregon Series, #2) by Michael J Melville

The Diner
The Oregon Series, #2
by Michael J Melville
Date of Publication: April 21st 2017
Publisher: Books by Michael Melville
Cover Artist: Victor Fuentes
Genre: Romance/Contemporary Romance
Tagline: “A powerful tale of love and hope that spans a lifetime and reminds us all of how precious life is.”
“In a powerful story that spans decades, we see the beginning and the end of a lifetime of love, friendship, and devotion. From a chance encounter on Christmas Eve to a heart-wrenching vision on a beach decades later of the love of his life, we follow Johnathan Hays on a journey through his nearly 50 years on the Oregon Coast. This journey not only changes his own fate and future but the lives of others around him in unforeseen ways while he learns what being a husband, father, friend and man mean to him.

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